More Double Talk

I bet you thought you got off easy there. Only one post about the two. No way! Bumbastories has another post on the two. Why???  Because the number two merits a second look, a double-back. The proud number two deserves a two-pronged, two-fisted, double edged, second-to-none, second look. A double-dip, you might say. Previously, we talked about the two’s mystical associations. Today we’ll look at … Continue reading More Double Talk

It Takes Two to Tango

The Bumbastories March Through the Numbers continues. We’re going to cover them all. Even though the number of numbers is infinite, all of them are expressed by just nine numerals – plus the zero (we don’t want to forget anything – or rather we don’t want to forget nothing). Anyhow, let’s look at the two… Drumroll…….The Two! The two – the dos, the deux, the zvei … Continue reading It Takes Two to Tango