Up In The Bronx

Stephen Baum’s first novel about the streets of the Bronx and growing up in the early 1970’s.

A poignant New York love story.

Click image below for the paperback version:

Click image below for the Kindle version:


In addition, Bumbastories is proud to make available both the book Up in the Bronx as well as the author’s own original soundtrack CD entitled Up in the Bronx and Down in L.A. This “aesthetically rewarding” acoustic soundtrack is an “excellent complement” to the book. This combination of a novel together with a music CD on which all songs are performed by the author is, to the best of our knowledge, the first of its kind!

Here’s the opening song:

In the name of economic recovery (mine) and a good square deal, this unique fusion of literary & musical delights is available at the historically unprecedented bargain price of $20. That’s right, $20 (which includes shipping and handling).

Sorry. This offer is not currently available. Contact the author directly at bumbas24at yahoo.com to obtain CD.

16 thoughts on “Up In The Bronx

  1. Hello Stephen,

    It gives me great pleasure to display your book on my blog side bar. This is a small token of my appreciation.

    All good wishes, my friend,

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