Georgia On My Mind

Georgia On My Mind by Hoagie Carmichael is amongst the most wonderful of songs that I know. I’ve been working on this song recently using the sheet music – actually-almost-reading the music that Hoagie Carmichael wrote. I had always played it by ear from the Ray Charles record. I had it wrong in several places.

So I’ve been working at learning it anew – in a different key (F). Here’s how it’s going so far. Sorry I made a few mistakes, and sorry ’bout that, but I’m a bit too lazy to record it again so here you go…….Note: As may already be clear, Bumba here needs a singer to do these songs correctly. So let this be a sort of want ad: Wanted: Singer to do all these songs properly.

Let this also be an invitation to send in your own versions of this song via the comments section. Naturally, after the Ray Charles version, it’s almost ridiculous to try to do a cover of this song. But it’s a wonderful song to play and sing, and I think Hoagie Carmichael wrote his songs to be played and enjoyed.  So try it.

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