George Packard, roving reporter, had been derogated the task (derogated being a cross between denigrated and de-regulated), of writing the Bumbastories entry for the As I Sat On The Bus Invitational. Yes, every week Bumbastories writes a story that begins with the phrase As I Sat On The Bus, and asks all readers, followers, and bloggers to send in their own happy, mass transportation compositions via the Comments section. Hence the following entry by George Packard into this great, weekly fictioneers Invitational.


George Packard sat on the bus and considered what great and fine contribution he could possibly bring to the world. As an individual, George was IMG_0999striving to live his life in such a way that the world – even the people after him –  would not be sorry that he had existed. Perhaps he could even help a bit. What then could he, George Packard, bring to the table? As the roving reporter for Bumbastories and this week’s delegated (OK, not derogated) AISOTB writer, George wondered where to begin.

Surely the Golden Proportion is somewhere near the top of any list of fine and noble subjects, thought George as he sat on the bus. George had already written some earlier Bumbastories posts about the golden proportion, phi and phi. Readers could check out the golden proportion posts on the Search option.

Today George Packard would simply introduce and conclude his introduction to phi with the following:

The universality and beauty of the proportion are evident. The phi proportion expressed geometrically is images-1