Cosmic Evolution and “In the Beginning God Created the Heaven and the Earth

cropped-images-21.jpgIt’s likely that our universe, vast as it is, 13 billion light years across, is only one of many. It looks like there are many, many universes unseen and unknown to us: each universe a bit different, each evolved differently from slightly different beginnings. Perhaps it could be that the other universes, wherever they are, share the very same physical laws as we do, and are moved by the same fundamental forces like gravity and electromagnetism – but in different alignments or balances. According to standard scientific thought, myriads of other universes probably exist somewhere out there in time and space and in other, as yet undiscovered, dimensions. Why not? It only makes sense. Part of our own evolution, or growth of understanding, has involved development of increasingly larger concepts and larger scopes in our perception of the world we live in. It’s only fairly recently that we learned that the earth is not the center of a universe that revolves around us (someone told me about that last week), and that we are but a tiny speck in the great sky – whirling round our sun at x miles per second, around the hub of the Milky Way galaxy at the rate of y miles per second, and hurtling along with the rest of the matter that resulted from the Big Bang at a rate of z miles per second! Kinda makes ya dizzy.

Anyhoo, I’m awful glad that – out of all the universes we all could have been born in, all the supernova stars and black holes we could have been stuck in – that we’re in this universe on this wonderful, blue planet.

Praise the Lord God for our Universe and for our little earth!


2 thoughts on “Cosmic Evolution and “In the Beginning God Created the Heaven and the Earth

  1. Have you read Umberto Eco’s The Island of the Day Before? It has plenty of 17h century science in it and the bit about the Earth obviously being the centre of the universe always convinced me that that was in fact true, damn these tricksy authors!

    I like this universe best, I think it has some nice features in it, although if we had gravity that allowed us to bounce around a lot, I would much prefer that.

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