Another Blues “Original”

I ain’t much of a songwriter, I don’t suppose. I never sold anything or made any money from it.  Once or twice, years ago, I recorded a cassette tape and sent it to a music publisher. A couple of times I tried to audition as a folksinger. To no success. Still, over the years I think I wrote a couple of good ones.  Nowadays, I barely write songs at all. I suppose it’s an age-related phenomenon.  Sometimes, though, when I’m playing guitar or piano, a good lyric comes into my head.  Anyway, here’s one that I like to play. It’s a blues, and there’s nothing new or original when it comes to the blues.  It’s called Evening Train Blues. It’s a happy blues.

I’ve pontificated on the three chord progression and the glory of the blues in earlier posts, so no need to go through all that stuff again, but I will remind everyone to keep their spirits up, and to “keep playin’ that country music”.

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